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You have the power to create your perfect career

Whether you're an independent consultant, interested in becoming a freelancer, or seeking greater professional freedom and purpose, you've come to the right place.


Let's talk about what kind of support, accountability, and guidance you need for a more fulfilling career. 

freelance workspace

Confidential Coaching

Purpose-led Strategy

Targeted Career Support

Hi. I'm Kate, certified career coach & branding consultant.

My work as a career coach is focused on helping freelancers and anyone seeking greater professional freedom and purpose. With six years of success as an independent consultant and nearly two decades as a branding expert, I know what it takes to get started and what’s needed to keep a career going strong.

As a coach, I trained with PARWCC and the Co-Active Training Institute. As a consultant, I owe my freelancing success to my unique blend of skills and experiences, to my vast network of supportive friends and former colleagues, and to my ever-evolving sense of self, continuously guiding me toward the work that's right for me.

My copywriting and content strategy consultancy drow, inc. is a living case study for my coaching program where I can proudly show how my own purpose, values, and proven strategies shape a successful freelancing business. I'm excited to offer guidance and strategic advice to help you feel the same kind of excitement about your career.

Kate Addicott Career Coach

Which career stage are you in right now?

We all go through cycles in life, and our career is no different. No matter how long you've been working or what kind of jobs you've had, it's likely that each of these stages has felt familiar at some point. 

Park in the Fall

You’re facing a Transition

Making big changes can be as difficult as it is essential. Sometimes we control the changes in our lives and sometimes our lives present us with change whether we like it or not. However you got here, let's talk about what you need before you take your next leap.

Lotus in Bloom

You’re feeling Stagnation

Lots of coaches talk about feeling stuck and what you need to get unstuck. My take is that stagnation happens when we don't take time to integrate lessons learned, leading us to make the same choices over and over. Let's figure out how to break you out of your loop.

Forest Trees

You’re craving

Creative work can be especially draining. Luckily there are countless ways to express yourself and find passion in your professional life—sometimes you just need a little help in finding the right places to look. Let's jump into deep discussions around what motivates you and feeds your imagination.

Balancing Rocks

You’re seeking Integration

Maybe you've been doing this for a while now—you already understand all your career lessons learned and see all the options ahead of you. What you need is a fresh perspective to start charting the best path for you. Let's explore where you are now to get a clear view of everything that lies ahead. 

The Independent Career Program
Get the guidance you need for a powerful
freelance career

I couldn't find the program I needed to take me and my freelancing career to the next level. So I created it. 

Maybe you're new to the idea of freelancing and want to see if it's right for you. Maybe you've been running a consultancy for years and need a fresh perspective on where to take things next. Whatever your story, we can work together to make your business a happy and healthy fit for you.


This 8-session program will give you the guardrails you need for defining your professional purpose and personal values, crafting your career story, and communicating what you truly want for your business. The result is a powerful freelance strategy unique to you.

Packages start at $2,200 with a number of client openings reserved at a reduced rate or sliding scale for those who qualify. 

Let's make freelance work for you.

Schedule your free 15-minute call to learn more.

The Professional Branding Package
Upgrade your personal brand to professional standards

Social media is an inescapable reality in every facet of our lives, including—and perhaps especially—when it comes to our careers. Every new level of success brings a new crowd of people running searches to learn more about us online.


This might make you nervous that your online presence isn't living up to your professional persona. Let's tackle those fears with the Professional Branding Package, including:

  • LinkedIn profile creation or rewrite

  • Two versions of your bio (as author, as speaker, on social media, in pitches, for professional organizations or company pages)

  • Professional Branding Exercise to articulate your purpose

  • Résumé creation or rewrite

Schedule your free 15-minute call to learn more.

Coaching guidance & advice
Reach out for support,  accountability, and clarity 

Everyone needs something a little different. Let's talk about what you need based on where you are in your career, what you might like to explore, and your questions about what coaching could mean for you. You may want to work together every week for six months or just talk three times to get some quick clarity and move on. Give me a call and let's talk. No hard sell and no pressure.

Schedule your free 15-minute call to learn more.

Don't just take my word for it...

“Kate has an uncanny ability to zero in on the critical focus areas, she applies deep intelligence and experience at the planning stage, and—perhaps most importantly—she has the energy and sense of humor that always inspires action. She's enthusiastic, flexible, tenacious about following up to check in. I'm so grateful to have Kate in my corner."

Alex N.

Attorney transitioning to Psychotherapy

"Working for yourself can be exhausting. Kate has been an amazing sounding board to help me plan how I can save my energy for what really matters most."

Melissa S.


"I'm much happier after Kate helped me expand my career options. She's helping me pivot my career to a more fulfilling direction."

Jack G.

Customer Success

“Working with Kate has truly helped me hone in and have a better understanding of my own skills, strengths, and values which has served to highlight the ways in which I can best support my own clients."

Cori A.


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